At Dental Care Providers of America we take pride in using the latest dental technology to make your experience as painless and efficient as possible.

Digital "paperless" Charts

  • More secure storage to protect privacy
  • More accurate information
  • No deterioration over time
  • Permanent back-up prevents loss of data in fire or vandalism
  • Faster access to data

Electric Handpiece

  • Less noise
  • Less vibration
  • Kinder to teeth
  • Shorter appointments

Digital X-rays

The newest digital x-ray systems provide superior image clarity versus older systems and traditional film. The sensors that record the images require significantly less radiation to produce an image meaning less radiation exposure to the patient. Because the image is produced electronically images are available in about 4 seconds so there is less waiting for results. This is a huge benefit to patients having surgery or root canal therapy because they no longer need to wait to see if the procedure was successful.

State-of-the-art Sterilization

With the volume of transmissible infectious diseases it is important to maintain excellent infection control procedures. Dental Care of Vernon Hills uses the best materials and practices to assure proper infection control. Our office procedures are evaluated by Stericylce, Inc., the nation's largest medical and pharmaceutical waste management company.

Sterilization Area

Our "Steri-center" is a model of efficiency and cleanliness. It is designed for the smooth movement of soiled instruments through the sterilization process. Our procedures ensure that all re-usable instruments remain absolutely sterile until the moment the dental procedure is started. If you would like to learn more ask for a tour of the steri-center and a demonstration of our techniques.

Satellite Entertainment System

A dental visit can be stressful and for people who want a distraction from dentistry we provide in-room entertainment including satellite TV and satellite radio. Hundreds of channels are available for your entertainment before and during treatment. You can even bring your own CDs if you would like.

For more information and a detailed look at all aspects of the practice please contact our office to arrange a tour and free consultation at the location convenient to you.